Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heat Wave!

I think this was the same subject as my last blog. People be careful out there-Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. I can't remember the heat being any more brutal than it is right now(of course some of that memory might have to do with age-as we get older we begin to have more of a selective memory). I know that the heat does affect us more as we get older but this summer seems to be much worse much earlier. I just finished a 4.5 mi. run and I am complete toast. 7:30 am may be too late in the day to run. The best thing to do is to run before the sun comes up or after it goes down. I'll try that when I can.
   Some good news though-the Mavericks won last nite and the Reds actually have won 2 in a row!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer in the City!

OK-I know I am not in a big city and it is not officially summer yet but after my run this morning the back of my neck did feel dirt and gritty. Today is National Running Day so I hope each of my facebook running partners are able to get a run in today. I ran 1/2 mi. intervals today because for some strange reason I think the 1/2 mi. is a great race to run and watch( 800 meters to you people born much after me).
     I noticed that several major races are offering discounts if you register today. I am even watching a commercial on tv as I type this for White Rock. The lottery for Houston opens today also and I hope that each and everyone of you that enters has their name drawn. I think I am going to register for the 1/2 at Rock and Roll San Antonio and for the 1/2 @ White Rock. Tyler in Oct., Houston in Jan., Austin in Feb., Little Rock in  March and then I will do my best to find a great race in April. I now have a plan and everybody needs a plan.
   Again Happy National Running Day to everyone-runners and non runners alike!!!!